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Dedusting for heavy dust

The dust-laden gas enters the multi-element scrubbing zone. The treated water is jetted in above the scrubbing zone. Through the acceleration of the gas stream between the multi-elements, the water drops are finely sprayed and dust particles or toxic gas components are arrested and bound.

Through the redirection of the gas stream, the scrubbing fluid is mainly separated and channelled off. The drop separators hold back the water residues. The dirty water flows into a circulating basin. The cleaned gas flows through the fan to the chimney.

The residue dust content is reduced to 20 - 50 mg/3.
Areas of application are:
  • Aluminium smelter furnaces
  • Aluminium processors
  • Coal dryer and coal beneficiation
  • Foundry sand plants
  • Sand dryers
  • Lime kilns
Structural forms in circular construction method
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