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RATHI INDUSTRIES promote a healthier industrial world through its varied products for air pollution. It is one of the largest producers of filter bags for all qualities & any kind of industrial application.

The company has served the Indian industry for over a span of 25 years in various conditions, inland & abroad.

With the associated knowledge bank generated through its sister concerns RATHI FILTERS & IND (P) Ltd & RATHI EXPORTS, the company has enriched itself with the various problems faced due to the various applications in the industry. Throughout its birth in the year of 1975 the company has learnt only one mantra.

“Customer Satisfaction is the route to success”.

ROTARY AIRLOCKS standard Features
Rotary Valves are used throughout industry, wherever precision volumetric feeding is required. Many standard models, types and sizes are provided as per your specification & requirement. Because of our years of experience in developing, testing and specifying rotary valves, we can help you choose the right valve for any application.

Heavy-duty valve bodies made of cast gray iron or stress relieved steel weld s for pressures to 15 PSI.Valve rotors are precision machined to match their bodies, with standard clearances of .004" +/- .001" (or to your specifications). Extra thick cast gray iron end plates are precision fit into the body bore for support of bearings and seals without distortion. Fabricated steel rotors with 8 blades, 1/2" thick for strength and slightly canted to reduce shear load. Some models come with heavy-duty cast ductile iron rotors, which are specially designed to reduce shear load.

Special materials, designs and replaceable tips are available. Flanged stock inlet – square standard, round optional. Adjustable scraper blade or brush optional with square inlet.Triple bearing protection on inboard bearing models – (1) rotor hub seal plate (2) double lip seals (3) a packed labyrinth. Permanently lubricated bearings are standard on inboard models. Re-lubricatable bearings and packing gland seals are used on outboard bearing models.

Shafts are keyed on both ends, for motor mount flexibility. End opposite drive is protected with shaft guard.

Parallel shaft gear motor drive with adjustable base. Whenever a drive is ordered, we provide this superior type drive as standard.Totally enclosed sanitary chain guard is provided with optional gear motor drive.

Air Lock Feeders
Rotary Air Locks and Feeders are usually used to accomplish
3 basic tasks.

To feed material from bins or hoppers.
To deliver fines from the collector while sealing against air loss.
And to feed material to pneumatic conveying line against pressure.

RATHI Rotary Air Locks are built to work under a variety of conditions. Three basic designs cover the tasks described above.

Drop Thru Type
This is for gravity discharge of materials from storage hoppers and bins into receiving equipment or conveying lines.

Side Entry Type
This design, specially developed for plastic pellet handling and friable granular materials which tend to disintegrate while handling in conventional rotors, finds extensive application in the industry. This design is accompanied with deflector plates and beveled rotor plates.

Standard Rotor
This standard 8 or 6 vane rotor is the most commonly used for handling materials which do not stick to the rotor or have the tendency to disintegrate while handling.

Rotor With Wear Tips
This is a standard rotor with replaceable bars of steel, brass or Teflon or any other materials suiting the application. This is used where excessive wear of the rotor edge is anticipated. These Valves are suitable for most dry dust such as Chemicals, Coffee, Detergents, Dry foods, Drugs, Flour, Grains, Plastic, Starch, and Sugar etc. Rotary Valves manufactured by RATHI are used as metering devices feeders and rotary air locks for dry free flowing materials of varying size shapes, used with blenders, mixers, tanks, silos, classifiers, dryers, collectors, hoppers, cyclones collectors, in virtually every industry.

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